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Proudly NZ Owned and Operated, we are on a personal mission to bring world leading, Curl Friendly products to you! We Ship Orders Daily and only sell the highest quality curl friendly products, free from silicones and sulphates! With Shipping As Low As $7.95 the questions should be: Why wouldn’t you buy from Acapella Shop?

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New Zealand made - Cabela is packed full of curl-friendly vegan goodness, including Botanical Actives grown right here in Aotearoa. Their packaging is also fully recyclable!

Bounce Curl

Bounce Curl uses TOP quality curl ingredients. They have carefully selected ingredients that can style, moisturize and hold your beautiful curls. Their Ingredients are sourced from top-of-the-line manufacturers.


Ecoslay deliver homemade-to-order, plant-based products that are freshly cooked in their kitchen with kindness. We hope that you can feel the love that they pour into each sustainable pouch and that your hair falls in love with their concoctions.



EverEscents offers a pure and ORGANIC hair care range. Like all products offered at Acepalla Hair, this range is Curl Friendly!

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Here’s a little visual for you!

If you imagine looking at an individual hair strand through a magnifying glass, you will see the cuticles which will look a bit like this... The cuticles are the protective outer layer of your hair.