It is our mission to bring world leading, curl friendly products to New Zealand. We believe in offering the people of New Zealand the best products for their curls and crucially, at the best possible prices! With products shipped daily and Free shipping also available right across New Zealand, the questions should be: Why wouldn’t you buy from Acapella Hair!

Here’s a little visual for you guys! If you imagine looking at an individual hair through a magnifying glass you will see the cuticles which will look a bit like this... The cuticles are the protective outer layer of your hair. ⠀

1. Low Porosity 💦⠀

The hair’s cuticles are closed tightly. This means that the hair will be less able to absorb water and can often become dry. It is super important that low porosity hair types use water soluble products and don’t fully rely on Co-washing as build up can make it worse! Clarifying/deep cleansing more often and use heat caps/towels... When doing deep treatments to help open your cuticle! ⠀

2. High Porosity 💦⠀

The hair’s cuticles are wide open. This means that water will absorb easily into the hair but it will also struggle to retain the moisture. Filling the hair with a good water-soluble conditioner and lots of water will help drive in the hydration, then finishing with a good sealer (like Clever Curl gel) to lock down those cuticles and lock in the moisture! ⠀

3. High Porosity / Damaged⠀

The cuticles are wide open and some are even missing...leaving the inner layer of the hair exposed! This is when the hair needs some extra protein to help fill in those gaps! Clever Curl treatment has a good balance of moisturizing aloe vera and rice protein and a weekly Olaplex no.3 will help repair those broken bonds! ⠀

Spray water on your hair and see how it reacts! But remember if you’re using non-water-soluble products, you may have build up acting as a barrier. ⠀